The man who chose weed

He broke it, their love
So quick it had come,
Tossing smooth words
distorted by rum
Withdrawal from smoking
had let loose his demons,
his addiction to toking
had justified reasons
His anger let loose
a negative beast
That ate up his soul,
In silent feast.
Blame riddled his thoughts,
Harsh words filled the air
her brightness went dim
He seemed not to care
Her footsteps were careful
She watched what she said
But as the days passed,
She withdrew from their bed.
So quick to critique her
With little reflection
He assessed all her flaws
And showed his objection.
A man who relies
On booze, smoke, and weed
Has little to offer
But his own selfish greed.
He takes from all those
Who help him to thrive
Addiction to cannabis
Reduces his drive
He’s rarely employed
He’s virtually broke
With compromised ego
His fraud is no joke
Refusing to leave
he didn’t pay rent
He used her completely,
never giving a cent!
Strong women have boundaries
and standards they hold
Weak men who will break them
get left in the cold.
Leaving in anger,
Blame filling his soul
What kind of bitch
Exacts such a toll?
She felt her last hurt
When she handed him cash
To pay for his room,
a new place to crash
He grabbed it with gusto
Asserting his right,
To take more from her
He was no valiant knight
He sold out his honour,
Allowed her to see
She’d lost too much time
to a pot-smoking dweeb
He gave up a life to grow, learn, and succeed
To spend out his days
getting high on his weed.
But dear reader I hope
that you learn from mistake
the queen must set rules
and her man must partake,
in the process that turns him
to a king from a snake.

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