Sarah “Loxy” Thomson is a life-long entrepreneur. She is the CEO and founder of Canvas and Cave Barbados a social enterprise set up as a community art centre and boutique hotel – with a mission to enhance the creative industry in Barbados.  

Her early career saw her disrupt the oil industry by adding convenience stores to gas stations.

As an advocate of social change Sarah dabbled in politics, and helped establish the need for Transit expansion in Toronto. 

Since then Sarah has continued learning – with a focus on permaculture design and environmental regeneration.

In 2002 she launched The Women’s Post growing it from a weekly print newspaper, to a monthly online magazine.

Sarah is an advocate for women, the environment, and a driver of social change. She is currently lives with her  budgies and tortoise in Barbados.

" I hope to make the world just a little better,
by choosing meaning over pleasure, being over having, complexity over ease.
Happiness starts with a smile." – Sarah