Sarah “Loxy” Thomson is an entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in various industries from construction and development to retail, advocacy, and media.

Her early career saw her disrupt the oil industry by adding convenience stores to gas stations.

In 1997 Thomson founded the Hamilton Examiner, a weekly print newspaper in Hamilton.  She sold the Examiner in 2001 and launched the Women’s Post Inc. in 2002. The Women’s Post grew from a weekly newspaper, to a monthly print magazine and eventually a daily online publication designed for professional women. Sarah is currently the CEO and Publisher of Women’s Post.

Sarah is an advocate for women, the environment, and a driver of social change. 

She is also the CEO and founder of Canvas and Cave Barbados a social enterprise focused on building an environment centre and arts school to empower young entrepreneurs  with the goal to helping communities become self-sustainable.

Sarah is also the Director of Heal Terra a not-for-profit working to educate around the need to regenerate the earth.

Sarah volunteers with Slow Food Barbados she currently lives in Barbados with her dog, her budgies and tortoise.



Publishing & Media

Marketing & Communications

Politics & Campaign Management

Construction, Restoration & Development

Permaculture Design

Ask for help - even if they say no you have honoured them.

"I am driven to give back, to make the world a little better in any way that I can. It starts with a smile."
Sarah thomson