Modern Man

Modern Man

She built her life around him.


Adapting to city streets, with hidden treasures

To country clubs, with empty pleasures

To people enthralled, by gossip and spite

And those who thought, themselves always right



She was sad for those, who spent life consuming

Looking for joy, confidently presuming

That money and toys, could fill-up their soul

But the empty bores through it, just like a mole 



She heard justifications, so many provide 

Claiming their work has a positive side

Contributions to the world, they want to applaud

Without acknowledging, the whole system is flawed


Because it is built around the belief

That consumption is not such a fatal beast

Destroying mother nature, with every big size

Ignoring global warming, and the growing high tides 



She wanted to change how they would all live

To stop consuming, instead always give 

Back to the world, so frail and dying

If we could only all,  just start trying


To understand our duty to work and repair 

Nature, her soil, oh how she needs care.

We must work to mend, the damage done

But in the end, the job starts with one 



She chose one day to change in her ways 

And tried to wake him, up from the haze

She pushed him, to a place away and beyond

All the frogs, posing in their small pond


Where they could learn, and share in the work

Give and help others, those lost in the murk 

Regenerating the earth, through acts that repair 

A love full of hope, and not just despair.



But he wouldn’t wake up

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